Habilitative Skill Technician


(Education, Knowledge, Skill, Abilities.) 

Pass a rule compliant Criminal History and Background Check. Be under the supervision of qualified supervisor Meet training requirements in rule This is a provisional position intended to allow an individual to gain the necessary degree or experience needed to qualify as an intervention specialist. They must be an employee of a DDA under the supervision of a specialist or professional who is observing and reviewing the direct services performed by the habilitative skill technician. Supervision must occur on a monthly basis, or more often as necessary, to ensure the habilitative skill technician demonstrates 

the necessary skills to correctly provide the habilitative skill service. 

  • Provisional status is limited to a single eighteen (18) successive month period. 
  • The qualifications for this type of provider can be met by one (1) of the following: 

An individual who is currently enrolled and is within fifteen (15) semester credits, or equivalent, to complete their bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in a human services field; or 

An individual who holds a bachelor’s degree in a human services field from an accredited institution. 


Implement, document, and maintain KCBS settings standards, qualities, and safeguards to comply with regulations and participants’ preferences. Meet qualifications for specific services provided Receive instruction on the needs of participant Demonstrate ability to provide services Develop, improve, and maintain the developmentally appropriate functional abilities and daily living skill needed by participant Teach and coordinate methods of training with family members or others who regularly participate in caring for the participant. Establish a relationship with persons in the home and become familiar with pertinent information on each individual. Support and follow the direction of supervisor. Assure compliance with and all other safety requirements. Perform other duties as assigned. Develop working relationship with other staff Provide leadership to co-workers, model learned skills and give feedback as needed. Assume responsibility for shift when designated to do so. Problem-solve and make programmatic suggestions when appropriate. Attend all trainings Attend supervision Participant in observations 


Follow service-specific rules Become familiar with record keeping systems. Collect service documentation. Serve as a member of the team as needed. Assist as designated by supervisor. 


Complete an update CPR/First Aid Training. Maintain satisfactory performance on annual evaluation. 

Complete and update SAM (Self Administration of Medication) class as required prior to assisting with meds Complete and update Training upon hire and annually thereafter. Complete upon hire and update Fire Safety Training annually Complete all DDA-specific training requirements.

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