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Journeys Family of Services provides care for adults and children with developmental disabilities over a wide array of areas and situations. We seek people who can help care for our clients, be it caregivers, plan administrators, support specialists, advocates, behavioralists, or administrative support staff – we need you all to come and join our mission!

We are looking for people who believe in our company’s mission: inclusion, individuality, independence, and integrity. That means you are attentive, constantly seeking to grow and develop yourself and your clients, clean and organized, engaged, and, above all, compassionate. If you can work hard and lead with love – click the button below and fill out a quick form expressing your interest. We’ll get in touch and start working with you to find a spot on our team!Have you ever wondered how to get a job at Journeys? There are many reasons why you would want to get a job with Journeys. Beyond the fact that this job creates lives for those who need a little bit of help getting through daily tasks. We offer a life that get’s them active and doing things in their community. We work with some of the most amazing individuals! Check out this list of Journeys job requirements that we would have you be aware of:

 You can also scroll down and review some of the specific and more common positions at out two largest companies, Journeys DDA and HAS Inc.

What We Expect From Our Workers

We love using the word advocate. That’s what we are. We are the advocate for those who need it. Here is the wonderful thing. This is an entry level job. We are not looking for you to have any prior job experience and there is no need for a bachelor’s degree.

Work With US

Working with Journeys Family of Services can be a challenging and rewarding experience. Your hard work can actually alter the course of someone’s life! Beyond that, we continue to find ways to create a positive and uplifting work experience for our tribe, including offering benefits such as Insurance (Health, Vision, Dental), Paid Time Off (Sick, Personal, Family), Financial (Bonuses, Stipends, Profit Share), and Personal Development (Education, Leadership Development, Growth Planning). We also have 401k, flexible schedules, tuition reimbursement programs, parties, free food, and giveaways.

We are also a fun bunch – just be prepared for that as well.

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If you are interested in joining our team but are not quite sure how or where to get started, this is your first step! Many people who have worked with us started in the same position; they wanted to jump in and make a difference but were unsure where to start. Fill out the form below and tell us a little bit about yourself, and we can be in touch to help find the perfect job for you!

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