Vocational Services

Journeys collaborates closely with Idaho Vocational Rehabilitation to offer a tailored employment pathway for our clients. Our services encompass thorough job evaluations, customized training programs, and consistent job coaching, aimed at fostering long-term employment success.

We prioritize personal development and career advancement, equipping individuals with the necessary skills for workplace independence. By integrating personal aspirations with professional needs, we strive to create fulfilling career opportunities for everyone we serve.


VR Enrollment

Enrollment into Idaho Vocational Rehabilitation is the first step to your next job. Once accepted into their program, you can select Journeys as your Job Development provider. Your VR counselor will help you create an Employment Plan that will guide our job search. This is your opportunity to discover and identify your strengths and interests.


Job Development

Our Job Development program focuses on identifying your strengths and interests to match you with the best employment opportunities. We collaborate with local businesses to create job placements that are not only fulfilling but also well-suited to your skills and career goals.


Job Coaching

Once employed, our Job Coaching services provide ongoing support to help you adapt to your new role and excel in it. Our coaches work with you directly on-site, offering personalized guidance to overcome challenges and achieve your professional objectives.

Vocational Service Regions

Boise Center

Adult, Boise, and Vocational 8752 W Fairview Ave 208-321-1334

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Idaho Falls Vocational Services

Idaho Falls and Vocational 1497 Curlew Dr (208) 721-7758

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Pocatello Center

Adult, Children, Pocatello, Sensory Center, and Vocational 120 N 12th Ave 208-235-1334

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Twin Falls Center

Children, Twin Falls, and Vocational 808 Eastland Dr 208-595-4472

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