What an incredible place. The friendliest staff on the planet and a very energetic atmosphere. Be sure to play thumb wars with Barry :)

Chase Howell

Journeys is an awesome agency that is always super involved in helping our community. Thank you for your attendance in our health fair, and then many more services that you offer!

Lucas Handy

I love all the activities we do

Rachael Rauscher

Love being a part of this place!

Julie Norman

Such a fun place to be!!!

Jocelyn Krout Villagran

I love working [here] great staff and the best people to be around I love love my job and participants.

Kendra Klingler

i like [journeys] Because we go to different adh activities like Rexburg rappers

Andrew Rushton

Journeys DDA are amazing from the owners to staff and clients. I love working here.

Linda Douillard Wilson

Journeys really care about the participants and the employees ! It’s a great place to work and to take your loved ones. We are devoted to enhancing people’s lives with Inclusion, integrity, independence.

Geana Smith
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